Why Launch This Book in a Church — Part 2

In case you missed Part 1: https://bettyjanehegerat.com/2014/03/21/why-launch-this-book-in-a-church/

Saturday, April 26. Sixty people, Owl’s Nest sold out of their copies of a family of any other name; Exploring Queer Relationships, a beautiful mix of church community, writing community, LGBT community, and a lot of conversation when the readings were done and we moved on to book signing and munching. (Only one complaint on the refreshments: “Where are the egg salad sandwiches? Lutheran church gatherings always serve egg salad sandwiches.”)

I was as honoured to share this celebration of the anthology with Dale Kwong, as I was to be included in the book with an essay from a parent’s experience; perspectives from both sides of “coming out” and what “family” really means.
The Q&A provoked insightful (sometimes difficult) questions to answer, but answer them we did. This was a thoughtful, perceptive audience, wanting to know more than our brief readings disclosed. The book will provide them “more” and so many more stories. I wanted the dialogue to go on and on and I know that it will.

So many comments, but the two that for me truly answered the question “why launch this book in a church?” :

“Stained glass windows, butterflies, quilts destined for people in need, and just the aura that surrounded us made me finally understand why you wanted to have the launch at your church, and why you make that your home.”

“You know that I have no church connection at all, never have had, but at the readings on Saturday I felt that everyone there, and the book, were blessed.”

Check with you local bookseller. If they don’t have a family by any other name: Exploring Queer Relationships on the shelf, tell them it needs to be there. Same with your local library.


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