Next stop, Montreal; more obsessing

Here we go to Montreal, to Teri Vlassopolous’s blog.  Teri’s collection of short stories, Bats or Swallows, was published last year.  She’s a member of an online writing group to which several other of my friends belong– among them, Susan Toy who is a tireless promoter of books (mine included) and authors.  So I’d heard of Teri and her fiction and was so pleased when she invited me to drop in:

Where do the fears that become obsession come from?  Motherhood is an endless source.  Here’s a bit of audio from The Boy.  our children, our fears

Thanks, Teri!  On this snowy spring morning in Calgary, I would so love to be doing the live interview in Montreal, but this too is a pleasure.

Next Stop on the Virtual Tour — Victoria

I met Bonnie Way when I did a fiction workshop for the Inscribe Christian Writers Conference.  I was pleased that she stayed in touched, and delighted when she went on to review my first three books. Bonnie is a hard-working freelancer, mother of young children, student in U Vic’s Creative Writing program.

I’m so pleased to stop by her blog and chat about The Boy:

and here’s a short clip about how I tried to wriggle out of writing the story resisting the story

Virtual Tour Bus is on the Road

First stop, Shelley Banks’ blog.

Shelley is multifaceted writer:  journalist, freelance writer, poet, author of short fiction. We met several years ago at the Sage Hill writing Experience, and caught up again in 2006 at a UBC summer residency.  I’m looking forward to seeing her in Regina later this month.  I’ll be reading with the Vertigo Reading Series on Sunday, April 24th, 7:00 PM  at the Chimney Lounge 2710 Montague Street.

Meanwhile, here’s Louise dropping in for a chat with Shelley:

And here’s Louise’s first encounter with the boy: Louise meets Daniel

Thanks for the virtual visit, Shelley! From Louise and BJH.

A Virtual Book Tour for The Boy

I would love to spend two months rambling across Canada, reading, talking, selling my new book, The Boy, which will be hitting the stores the end of April. But there is the problem of the expense of such travel, even with a string of friends and family in various ports on whom I can mooch for bed and breakfast.  So concurrent with the actual tour (so far Regina, Calgary, Edmonton with plans to work in Lethbridge, Camrose, Stettler before summer) I will be cyber-hopping from blog to blog to chat with friends.  I’m hoping to do a short reading at each stop – by way of excerpt or link back to audio clips on my own blog—and talk about some aspect of the writing of this book and how it came together. This story, and how to tell it with respect and purpose, bedevilled me for four years. That I had the support of the publisher of my two most recent books, Oolichan Books, before the manuscript was even finished, was the kind of gift a writer only dreams.

When I put out a call for “invitations” to visit blogs, Shelley Banks, writing colleague and UBC classmate reminded me about the clever blog of our mutual friend and colleague, Leona Theis where the character in her novel-in-progress is blogging about the trials of living a life that is always in revision. Wouldn’t it be fun, Shelley suggested, to interview a character from The Boy in my visit to her blog?  Would it! There are a couple of characters in this book with whom my friends may not want to keep company of any sort, but I will leave them for future stops, and will be kicking off the tour with a visit to Shelley’s blog with the fictional character, Louise, tagging along.  The querulous voice of Louise has been interrupting me since the very beginnings of The Boy, and in fact it was Louise who set the story in motion… but for those details, stand by for details and date of the visit with Shelley.  In fact, stand by for an itinerary-in-progress which I will post soon.