The Boy goes south, way South, to Jenny Badman’s page

Like many writers, I have a secret dream that I will get on a bus or train or plane one day and find myself seated next to someone who pulls one of my books out of his bag (and yes, I do dream that my books have male readers too) and begins to read. After I few minutes, I clear my throat ever so quietly and ask, “Good book?”

I love that my friends and family turn up for book launches in enthusiastic number, and that they buy my books, but it’s a different kind of pleasure to know that strangers read them as well.  I’ve never met Jenny Badman.  She is a good friend of my UBC classmate, Mary Woods, who I’ve also never met in person.  We took an online poetry course together, and have enjoyed occasional visits through email and a Facebook friendship since then.  Mary and Jenny both live in Charleston, South Carolina.  When I posted a note on Facebook about the virtual tour I was putting together for The Boy Mary responded with an invitation to her blog and told me that her friend, Jenny, might be interesting in meeting the boy as well. I took a quick peek at Jenny’s blog, read her bio which reads “I’m a writer, storyteller, strategist, blogger, creative, rabble-rouser” and sent her a message begging a visit.

Jenny picked up on a thread in The Boy that no one else had asked about, so here we are, talking about the part motherhood played in the writing of this book.

South To Visit Jenny Badman
And here’s a bit of audio to take along to South Carolina:  The Stepmother