The Boy visits Lee Kvern in Okotoks

I’ve been looking forward to talking with Lee Kvern about The Boy. Lee’s dad was one of the RCMP officers in Stettler at the time of the Cook murders, and she heard a lot about this case when she was growing up.

Lee’s beautiful novel, the Matter of Sylvie, takes real life and turns it into art with an eloquence that leaves me in awe.  (The novel is nominated for the George Bugnet Fiction Prize in the Alberta Book awards.) We’ve talked a number of times about the minefield of writing about people and places close to our hearts.  Lee will be joining me here to talk about her own work sometime very soon.

Meanwhile, here we are at her blog:    The Boy goes to Okotoks

And here’s a quick reading to set things up: Louise contemplates the photo of the shoes

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