Taking The Boy to Kelowna

Now, I really do hope to read in person in Kelowna some day, because I know all about Darcie Hossack’s love of food and cooking. Darcie is a food columnist as well as a an author of fiction, including a gorgeous collection of stories, Mennonites Don’t Dance, published last year and shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize for First Books.  Darcie is part of the same online writing group to which Teri Vlassolopolous and several other people whose blogs I’ll be visiting belong. But before I met Darcie through Susan Toy, I was well acquainted with her short stories through her submissions to Grain magazine while I was an associate fiction editor.

And to make this all even more exciting, Darcie will be reading with me when I launch The Boy in Edmonton on May 26.

Here we go to Kelowna: what looks in

Darcie and I have talked before about writing the grim stories.  Here’s a short clip from The Boy:

into dark places

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