The Boy — where it began

I am not savvy at all in matters of technology.  But on the other hand, when I have a creative idea– in this case, the notion that I wanted to post audio clips of readings from The Boy on my own webpage to coincide with some blog-hopping I’ll do later in April– I will doggedly persist.  To those who are techno-smart, this will seem like small change, but I’m thrilled to be able to post a wee preview here! 

10 thoughts on “The Boy — where it began

  1. I love that you talk about the way characters and their persistent voices “nag” at us until we do something about them! (The audio sounds wonderful!)

    • Thanks, Anne. One of the threads braided into The Boy is about the writing and how characters demand to be heard.

    • Thanks, Shelley. Next step is to move on to your interview with Louise and link an audio clip of Louise’s voice.

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