The First Book

In the past month, I’ve talked to several people about the thrill of opening a box and holding the long-awaited first book in their hands.  I’ve been remembering the day I opened the box from NeWest Press 4 ½ years ago, and lifted out a copy of Running Toward Home.  I held the book at arms’ length and grinned at the tiger on the cover until my cheeks ached. I told myself – Remember this!  It may not happen again. But if it does, make sure you are just as bamboozled with delight.  Since then, there have been two more books, two more boxes to open, and I look forward to another bamboozlement in late April when The Boy arrives at my door.

Meanwhile, in celebration of first books, I think it would be a good idea to give away a copy of Running Toward Home. If you would like me to put your name in the draw please send me an email at before Sunday, March 20.