back to real life

I spent all of January at Wallace Stegner House in Eastend, SK. I’d planned this month long retreat with a specific project in mind, and as always, with the hope of being wildly inspired in a new landscape. Mostly, though, I was longing for solitude after a hectic autumn.
I came home a day early, edgy about weather forecasts after experiencing a blizzard just the weekend before that had even the local people saying, “That was some storm, eh?” Oh aye, it was! Wind clocked at 100 km/hr in Eastend rattled the bones of that 100 yr. old house where I was curled up in a quilt, trying to read by the light of a coal oil lamp. The power was out for 15 hours. One of those “be careful what you wish for” times? I’d forgotten that solitude has many faces, isolation one of them.
I’ve come back rested, with a deep cut into the first draft of a young adult novel, and my mind full of images of sky, wind-swept hills, and lace curtains on frosted windows.
Now back to real life with my U of C Intro Creative Writing course set to start on Wednesday night.
And looking forward to being part of the Fernie Writers Conference July 18 – 25.