Launch of a new novel

Last Thursday night (Oct. 29, 2009) I launched Delivery to a packed house at the Memorial Park Library. Reading with me and adding immensely to a fine evening, my long time friend and mentor, Dave Margoshes, launching his new book of poetry, The Horse Knows the Way.

It occurred to me that night, as it did three years ago when Running Toward Home was finally out in the world, that the story no longer belongs to me. For better or worse, my characters have fledged. Out of the nest and gone for good—unlike my three children who, thank goodness, do keep coming home.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many book clubs about Running Toward Home and A Crack in the Wall, and it amazes me how often other people view these characters of my conjuring so differently from how I perceived them in the telling of the story. I’m sure reaction to Lynn and Heather will surprise me too. I’ve wondered throughout the writing of the story how it will feel to anyone who has adopted children. One of the first to come back with a short review was my good friend, Sue Plett: “I want to make it required reading for everyone who has ever said ‘Well good for you!’ in response to ‘My children are adopted.’ … I so strongly appreciated the fact that you make it clear that there are no easy answers.”
That’s all I need by way of review.