On all the sturm und drang of writing

Or at least one of the aspects of writing with far too much potential for hand-wringing or chuffing.  Just before my first novel was published, a writer friend told me she never ever ever reads reviews of her work. Never. Not ever. Sounded like a good plan. Could I imagine myself with that kind of resolve? Nope. Fortunately, my two books have not suffered at the hands of reviewers, but not to be left without fodder for at least a bit of drang I’ve done my bit of fretting over books that seemed to go to pasture far too quickly. But then every now and again, a review pops up in an unexpected place and is the more gratifying because it comes without the slightest bit of bidding. Such a one from Bonnie Way, who was in a break-out session I did for the Inscribe Christian Writers Conference a couple of weeks ago.  http://thekoalabearwriter.blogspot.com/2009/04/book-review-running-toward-home.html

Also this week, in the latest issue of FreeFall, a review by Kristen Ingram of A Crack in the Wall. A very fine review. With a lovely bit of connection to the new novel set to emerge from Oolichan this fall:

“The moments that resonate strongest for me are those between mother and daughter. ‘These are her mother’s hands, her grandmother’s hands. Always stitching. Christening gown, plaid jumper for first day of school, red velvet Christmas frock, graduation dress, wedding gown, christening gown. Sewing the lives of daughters.’

Sneak preview of a blurb on the up-coming  Delivery:

A “domestic” novel in the tradition of Carol Shields, Delivery is a story with a large theme painted on a small canvas. Betty Jane Hegerat delivers an elegantly written mother-daughter story most mothers and daughters will adore – and plenty of dads and sons too. – Dave Margoshes

Mothers and daughters. What else would I write about? The project currently bedevilling me is all about mothers and sons.